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  • Savor the (Pure) Flavor

    Skip the ice; serve your spirits On the Rocks! Enjoy the pure taste of your finest drinks with a set of solid granite chillers that are perfect for top-shelf liquor lovers and eco-enthusiasts alike. Ice may be the default choice to chill drinks, but, in addition to diluting your drink, ice cubes can actually alter the texture and flavor of fine liquors by tainting them with chlorine and other common impurities. These stone-cold chillers ... more

  • Forever Bouquet (9 stems)

    Unlike traditional flower bouquets that don’t stand the test of time, our cheery Forever Bouquet is a natural stone arrangement that lasts forever. Made from an upcycled natural granite base, hand-polished “stems”, and all natural beach stones, it’s the perfect arrangement for any home, office, or garden. The polished granite base ... more

  • Tabletop Wine Rack

    Easy on the eyes, this incredibly sturdy and stable wine caddy will neatly and safely hold your three favorite bottles in a compact footprint. We hand build each one in our New Hampshire studio from polished granite and solid cherry hardwood that's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The colors vary naturally, so each ... more

  • "A Little Bit Country,
    A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll

    Create a pastoral scene on your tabletop with these elegant wine glasses, made from recycled glass and the same smooth New England stones that set all of our work apart. The glasses’ stone settings truly enhance your favorite reds and whites: Their mass makes for a steadier drink while encouraging the tippler to hold the glass by its stem for a pure taste unchanged ... more

  • Keep Your Wines Fresh—Naturally!

    Gathered by hand from the New England shoreline, these unique, ocean-shaped stones both accentuate and preserve your favorite wines. Each smooth, ergonomic bottle stopper has a stainless steel body completely immune to wine’s acidic qualities and a durable rubber plug that forms an airtight seal to keep your ... more

  • Bud Vase

    Perfect for a single bud or a whole bouquet, this natural granite Bud Vase is an elegant arrangement of glass and stone. Made from upcycled granite (color will vary organically) and a recycled glass vase, it stands 4”x4”x8” with a thick cork base to protect your furniture. The beautiful granite base adds ... more

  • Hanging Around in Style

    Hang your coats, towels, window treatments and more in eco-friendly style with elegant Coast Hooks featuring stones worn smooth by the ocean’s waves. Each hook is handcrafted from an individual stone that was carefully selected from the rivers and beaches of New England and securely mounted on brushed metal posts and hardwood backplates. These hooks are beautiful ... more

  • Forever Bouquet (5 stems)

    Unlike traditional flower bouquets that don’t stand the test of time, our cheery Forever Bouquet is a natural stone arrangement that lasts forever. Made from an upcycled natural granite base, hand-polished “stems”, and all natural beach stones, it’s the perfect arrangement for any home, office, or garden. The polished granite base ... more

  • Lollipop Sculpture

    The playful Lollipop Sculpture is the perfect way to bring the fun of nature indoors. Made by hand in our New Hampshire studio, this sculpture presents five beach stone “pops” standing gracefully in a natural granite base. The upcycled granite base measures 4”x12”x1.25” with felt feet to protect furniture and is the perfect size for almost any table, desk, window ... more

  • A Solid Foundation

    No one likes weak drinks, so why bother with weak coasters? Traditional coasters may keep your tables ring-free, but when a flimsy piece of paper or plastic comes along for the ride each time you take a sip, a barware upgrade may be in order. Our granite coasters have a rock-solid foundation that will resist the pull of even the sweatiest glass, so you can take a swig without a side of embarrassment. Recycled rubber “jackets” ... more

  • All Together Now

    Our three-piece Drink Chillers make it easier than ever to serve frosty cocktails and spirits in impeccable style without the usual mess. This dual set of innovative drop-in stones and rock-solid drink holders (a variation on our popular Man Coasters made of reclaimed granite and recycled rubber to contain condensation and prevent table scratches) go directly ... more

  • Granite Food Server

    Our Granite Food Server is a solid piece of granite collected from New England fabricators who provide the stones in a stunning range of colors and patterns, with no two identical. We hand cut and finish each slab to a size that is both comfortable to carry and convenient to use. They are ideal for use as a hot plate (trivet), a cold plate for your cheeses, appetizers ... more

  • Party in the Freezer

    Bring a touch of sophistication to that celebratory shot! Combining the functionality of coasters and ice cubes, this smartly-designed reclaimed granite holder allows you to transport frosty cocktails, after-dinner cordials, or even desserts directly from the freezer to the party—without making a mess or diluting your favorite treat. A thick, recycled rubber jacket protects ... more

  • Rotating Granite Lazy Susan

    Our Rotating Lazy Susan displays the perfect combination of elegance and utility. We collect our granite from New Hampshire fabricators who provide the stone in a stunning range of colors, with no two identical. This natural granite server is cut and finished by hand in our studio in southern New Hampshire. With a high quality ball bearing, it is ideal for ... more

  • Keep Your Drink Naturally Cool

    You’ll want to take your drink stirred, not shaken, when you can do it with this much style. Our Sea Stone Swizzle Sticks are a delightful and practical addition to any bar: the cylindrical stone stacks double as cooling units so you can use less ice (less dilution) ... more

  • Kitchen Makeover

    Cabinets form the bedrock of any working kitchen—and now you can add a dash of natural character to the liveliest room in your home with these handsome Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls. Like all of our work, these handy and functional accents are fashioned from stones chosen from our rocky New England beaches and mounted on stainless steel posts that are ergonomically designed ... more

  • Classic Rock Accessories

    Clear your clutter, display your business credentials with flair, and lay the foundation for a productive day at the office with this set of three timeless desk toppers. The card holder presents business cards or place cards, the pen holder bears a standard-size opening to keep your favorite writing tool ... more

  • Naturally-Sourced Beauty

    A majestic meeting of natural beauty and human handicraft, our Touchstone Tables simultaneously capture the tranquil stillness of our famously hand-chosen sea stones and the endless sense of motion that drives both the physical world and the human mind. The tables’ tops are solid, one-of-a-kind granite slabs available in three colors (Black Pearl, New Venetian Gold, and Azul Platino) that rest ... more

  • Floor Wine Rack

    This elegant Floor Wine Rack is the marriage between a polished granite base and solid cherry hardwood that’s been given the Forest Stewardship Council’s seal of approval. The two uprights will hold up to 12 of your favorite bottles and are secured at the top by a handsome row of stones. Thick felt feet under the granite base protect your floor ... more

  • Cattails Sculpture

    Providing a charming slice of nature for the home, this Cattail sculpture may be displayed indoors or outdoors. It is fashioned from a polished granite base (color will vary organically) from which the solid stainless steel stems sprout. Just as they do naturally, the stones that rest on top of the stems will vary in color and size, so no two are ever alike. In addition, we suggest you gently splay the stems to your liking, and they will move gracefully ... more